Day 14-18: 30 Days of Animals

Things that are true:

  1. In some parts of France, people pronounce google “googie”
  2. Gas is cheaper in Spain than France and it is not uncommon for people who live near the border to drive to Spain for the reduced price.
  3. Everyone in France hates Macron.
No bisons here. But I drew one (ty JW fb)
credit to JW’s trip to South Africa 
thank you googie
Unsure what kind of animal I wanted to draw, I typed “animal” into google and a picture of a monkey about to hit a lion with a stick was the top result. And well here we are. 
thank you googie

Day 10/11: 30 Days of Animals

WIFI complications the past few days, my apologies!!

I present to you: #10 and #11 of Challenge #1: 30 Days of Animals, check out the challenge here!


Shoutout to Jacob Wallace for sending me the drawing he made for his English class in Thailand!!

Send me your drawings and doodles!