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stories about my surroundings (friends, family, jobs, school, humiliations of the self) from my present and past.

One Spoiled American, Two Soiled Rooms

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Anecdotes / Travel

Gotta say WWOOFing ain’t always a dream. One day you might find yourself holding an over-sized ladle stirring “confiture du lait” (literal translation: milkjam) for four hours at a time, in a rapidly heating room, accidentally burning yourself and trying to defy the romantic pursuits of another WWOOFer. You might find yourself with bad cooks (What?! Bad cooks in France?), antisocial farmers, or hippie-therapists with negative energies. But when life hands you a microwaved bowl […]

An Old Man and a Candle

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Anecdotes / The Llama Restaurant, New York, NY, Summer 2018

Working at the Llama I lived in constant fear of a few things. First, that my dress was see-through. Quite rational fear, I believe. Especially when you forget to pack a bra and have to make a makeshift one out of scotch tape in the bathroom. Second, that I would not recognize an important person by face and make some grave mistake, like ask the owner of the restaurant if he is planning on “joining […]

A Night at The Llama

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Anecdotes / The Llama Restaurant, New York, NY, Summer 2018

Imagine, me– a wee hostess at an up and coming hip and expensive restaurant. Let’s call it, “The Llama,” with one Michelin Star and a bunch of really intimidating (but nice) food and wine geniuses. Never having any experience at a restaurant, I came in all dreamy-eyed, scratching this romantic itch of working in the service industry, wearing my hair up in a bun in cute and swept up, carefree kind of way, laughing about […]

how to live up to your word (be like the fitness ads, just do it)

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Welcome. My name is Lily and I am self-contractually obligated to write this blog. Why? Because I said I would do it. I told myself I would. I told my friends I would. I even sent a bunch of different logos to a bunch of different friends. And as it often goes, moments after telling people my goal, I started shying away from it. It’s stupid. Narcissistic. Your life isn’t that funny. You are about […]