Day 29/30: 30 Days of Animals

Today marks 34 days after the first day of my 30 days of animals drawing challenge! Wait… 34 days? Let’s ~reflect~ on the failures and successes of the challenge…

FAILURE: I remember sitting in my room, laughing with my friend Gabe because the most productive thing I had done that day was draw a picture of a turtle and come to terms with the fact that not only am I roaming the earth as an unemployed, unskilled farm aid, but I failed my own drawing challenge.

“All I had to do was draw a friggin’ animal once a day for 30 days.” I said, cracking up.

“I can’t even do that.”

At this point in my life and in the lives of many of my peers, we are grappling with life after college… when suddenly we are free to do all the things we dreamed up doing when we were boggled down in homework and assignments… when suddenly we are expected to do something with our ~potential~.

As someone who just loves to come up with plans and struggles with following through with them, this is, well, a nightmarish time. What is my life purpose?!!!!

With hours of time spend weeding, putting honey in jars, shoveling hay, feeding sheep, selling cheese, making cheese, making yogurt, folding old rags, and petting dogs and donkeys, I have had more than enough time to try to answer that question.

I have no idea what my life purpose is.

But for the moment, I intend to challenge myself, to pick myself up when I fail, and to try again and again and again and again.

Despite the fact that I did not fulfill my 30 days of animal challenge as originally intended, I am happy I embarked on the challenge.

And here’s to believing that the next challenge is realized with no “buts” and “sorrys”!

SUCCESS: 30 drawings of animals completed! Some friends encouraged to draw! (Audrey Darnis, Christine Gros, and Gabe Levine-Drizin get 1 star for sending one drawing each! Mackenzie Bettmann and Jacob Wallace get 2 stars for sending me multiple drawings each!)

❤ Until the next challenge… xoxo

Shout out to Gabe for this drawing he completed on a rainy day in the South of France:

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