At the Dinner Table

The dinner table, at my third WWOOFing location, has assigned seats. Unofficially of course, but I sit across from Evelyn, the 64 year old woman who loves television and cross words, who sits adjacent to Antoni , the 26 year old Belgian with Jesus hair, who sits across from Gabe, my 22 year old boisterous American …

Day 25/26: 30 Days of Animals

Day 25 and 26 of Challenge #1: 30 Days of Animals, check out the challenge here! Shout out to Jacob Wallace for sending me these drawings he made! Send me your drawings peeps!

Day 10/11: 30 Days of Animals

WIFI complications the past few days, my apologies!! I present to you: #10 and #11 of Challenge #1: 30 Days of Animals, check out the challenge here! MORE CATS Shoutout to Jacob Wallace for sending me the drawing he made for his English class in Thailand!! Send me your drawings and doodles!