Day 2: 30 Days of Animals

45019831_2274856932770554_5806403473289248768_n (1).jpg

Day #2 from Challenge #1: 30 days of animals. Check it out here. 

This is my favorite petit agneau on the sheep farm I am currently WWOOFing at. I name him moo moo. His mum doesn’t produce any milk for him, so I feed him and his friend twice a day from a bottle. When I walk into the barn, they run to me. I try to hug this baby every day, not only to show it love but to feel loved as well. Today I learned that mon petit chou (my little cabbage a.k.a. moo moo) is sick. We gave him antibiotics but apparently little lambs, especially those who drink from bottles, are the first to pass away when any of them get ill. My moo moo was shivering a lot today and I held him and tried to warm him up. Think about my poor moo moo lamb baby. I love him so much. 😦

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