30 days of Animals

Today I watched as a farmer stirred his tea with a giant cheese knife the size of his head at the market.

On the subject of sharp stuff, today I embark on the first 30 day challenge on chapstick (this blog) and I invite you to join me. Doing what? Sharpening our drawing skills!

The challenge: Every day for 30 days draw something. (And be at least somewhat proud of it! Enough to share the drawing with other people).

The motivation: I love to draw but often can’t find the “time,” whatever that is.

If I get drawings from you I’ll feature you on the blog! With your permission of course.
Different levels of the challenge:
1 star: Send me one drawing.
2 star: Send me a few drawings.
3 star: Send me 30 drawings.
4 star: Send me 30 consecutive, daily drawings.
5 star: Send me 30 consecutive, daily drawings of ANIMALS. (I am drawing only animals, if you’re up for the challenge, join me baby baaaaah baaah black sheep have you any wooooollll)

To begin, here is a sketch of an adult sheep who let me pet his face for a moment.


15 Replies to “30 days of Animals”

  1. Hi Lily,
    I love this idea, unfortunately I can’t draw 😦
    But this sounds fun and if I did I’d be right there with you. My drawings consist of stick figures. I’m glad your having fun on your trip to France.


    1. That’s okay!! Stick figures are allowed!! I invite you to try to draw something, anything, even if it’s just scribbles. Put on some music and doodle away!! And send it my way!


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