how to live up to your word (be like the fitness ads, just do it)

Welcome. My name is Lily and I am self-contractually obligated to write this blog. Why? Because I said I would do it. I told myself I would. I told my friends I would. I even sent a bunch of different logos to a bunch of different friends. And as it often goes, moments after telling people my goal, I started shying away from it. It’s stupid. Narcissistic. Your life isn’t that funny. You are about to go live on a sheep farm…(???) How is this a good idea?


It’s simple, really. I have decided I do not want to live in a void of potential, a maybe abyss, a what-coulda-shoulda-woulda, a “I wanted to do this and that but my iPhone sucked my soul out of my body,” a “if only I woke up earlier, ate more celery, drank more water, maybe I could be”—No!!!!!! No. No! NO. I am something now and I am something tomorrow. And today, by launching this blog, I am a 22-year old woman who said she was going to do something and did it.

So. What to expect?

A few things.

A) Self-proclaimed funny anecdotal stories about my surroundings (friends, family, jobs, school, humiliations of the self) from my present and past.

B) A thorough completion of each and every lofty “goal” I have ever had in my life. An attempt at conquering the things I have always wanted to do.

C) Real-life character studies– bringing to life the strangers that pass you on the street. A much less developed Humans of New York if you will… A “humans that this one human Lily happens to meet at some point and they say something interesting so she records it and posts in on her amateur blog.”

I said I would do it. So, expect it.

Mark your calendars for weekly developments. Every Saturday. Schools out baby!! For LIFE!

Simple. Boom. Pow.

Catch me on that sheep farm in 10 days trying to connect to the limited wifi while I forget English in the French countryside. Xoxo to my fans, I love you.

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